Buck’s Balm CBD 100mg

A Testimonial about product: Buck's Balm CBD 100mg
My name is Rocky Lane and I am a former paramedic that suffered mental and physical injury as a result of the nature of the work. I knew what I was getting into and if I were in better physical health now I would still be on the streets helping the community, but I am healing. I am now a Licensed Massage Therapist recently graduating and building my own business. 5 months ago I began transitioning with hormones and I have noticed that my muscles and joints will ache regularly. I have chronic pain secondary to injuries sustained during a routine call several years ago. I have used CBD products before and Buck's Balm is seriously fantastic. It smells delicious, the packaging is convenient and beautifully designed, and within a few minutes of application to my sore joints, muscles, ligaments, nasal passages. I have been using for one week and I find it exceptionally relieving in small quantities. The case is packed with this butter and I usually will heat with a lighter for a few seconds to create a more malleable application consistency. I slather that delicious stuff all over and hit the pillow and when I awaken the next morning, I feel refreshed and ready to punch life in the face with my superhuman strength. It is true magic in a world that has forgotten that magic exists. I am very satisfied with this product and hope for many variations in the future.
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